Jim Greer



Color Me Black

Amazing record. Worked hard on this one. Definitely suggest checking out Thrash Mexican Budapest on Youtube..

This includes one of my co-writes.. Heart of Steel.

My friend Amy!


Jazz For More

Japanese compilation with a remix on it..

Ah, my own music. What a journey

It’s kinda true. So is the music.

Recorded Nicki Bluhm’s lovely vocals on a song on this record…

I think this was the year I had a double. Lucas Ohio and the Soft White Sixties.

I believe this was the year of Cyndi Harvell’s rad song Photographs

Cool Dream Pop Band from SF

California Farmer Makes a Record

My rapper friend. He rules.

Well, this is an uncredited appearance. This was produced by Prince Paul and he came over one day and I played bass on some songs…

Super cool Japanese artist we collaborated with. Never met him or seen a picture!

The Kin are these two handsome fellows from AU. We made a TON of music… it’s GREAT..>!>!>!>!>!>!>

Mixed this one. Came out nice, real nice. Band from Kansas or maybe Nebraska.