Jim Greer



Hello! My name is Jim. I am a record producer and that means I do all sorts of things in the studio ranging from sitting and listening quietly, to jumping around and playing music at high volumes through all kinds of speakers and instruments. I have many philosophies about music, but mainly I’ve just been obsessed with it my entire life and love to work on recordings around-the-clock. I have a studio that is quick on its feet, very organic, and well-stocked with an amazing array of instruments and sounds. My time in music has put me in the studio with so many luminaries of music.. here’s a few: Macy Gray, Foster The People, Galactic, Del The Funky Homosapien, Prince Paul, Angelo Moore ( fishbone), George Clinton, Mike Patton, Butterscotch, Jack Douglas, Bill Bottrell, and honestly so many more I can’t possibly list them all. It’s been a wild ride, and despite the hundreds of albums and thousands of tracks and endless experiences, I still feel like it’s just getting started. I believe the experience of making a record is as valuable as the record itself. It is HIGH ART. There is nothing like creating music and then being able to listen to it for the rest of your life…