Jim Greer


Rondo Brothers

I had an amazing experience in San Francisco getting into the music business . In 1996 I got a job at this super popular club called the Paradise Lounge at 11th & Folsom in San Francisco. This place was a rock and roll paradise, and I went from being nobody from nowhere to sitting at a phone that rang off the hook 24-7 – every band wanted to play this place. As it happens, my boss there, Toni Isabella was managing the producer Dan the Automator, who went on to do some big projects such as Gorillaz (first album) and Deltron 3030. They were just releasing the Dr. Octagon album when I showed up, and at this time I also met Brandon Arnovick, who played guitar on some of the Automator stuff. Working there led me to discover and produce a band called the Gun & Doll Show, who ended up on the cover of BAM magazine and headlined at the Fillmore.. and the record sounded exquisite. Sadly they could not keep the band together to continue their success and I learned a lesson!

While I worked at the club, recording around town and assisting the Automator on various projects, Brandon & I got to be friends – but it took until 2003 when we went to New Orleans to write and record “Ruckus” by the band Galactic that we realized we had a great musical team aesthetic. And thus, the Rondo Brothers was born.  From about 2003 to 2013 we worked full time and did an absurd amount of music work. Probably 60 commercial ( tv commercials) scores, a bunch of remixes, several libraries for everyone from MTV to Fox To Fuel Network, placements in movies, traveling around the world with Handsome Boy Modeling School… so much ! While that was happening, Brandon opened a cupcake shop in San Francisco called Mission Minis   We also wrote and recorded  four+  albums as Rondo Brothers.. all if it’s on Spotify. We discovered Mark Foster and helped him put his first record together, that went on to be Foster The People’s Torches and got us a platinum record.  Click HERE to go to our website and there’s music and other information there….and below here’s a fun Soundcloud of some of our remixes and things..)) After 2013 our lives were upended by my son getting cancer and I found a studio space in Berkeley ( closer to my house).. So the Rondo brothers have been more less on hiatus since, although we are still friends and have gotten together and done a few little things here and there. It was exactly right and we both got launchpads into a whole new future.. and such is life.